It’s Cancer season, and with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in the sign of the Mother there’s a strong energy of nurturing at work. However with Pluto opposing this stellium from Capricorn our attempts to nurture those we love can easily become fixated and controlling, especially if we haven’t done the work of nurturing ourselves first.

Consider the mother who’s expectations of her child are so high and her concerns for their well-being so consuming that she’s unable to let him thrive in his own way. Well the same thing can occur in any area of our lives where nurturing is played out, whether this be in the development of a creative project, in our relationships or in our attempts to support our own spiritual growth

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to force something to fit our ideal, instead of allowing it to develop and grow in its own way and in its own time. During this Cancer season we may find ourselves reminded of this in no uncertain terms. Just as we would never consider trying to unwrap a flower from its bud before it is ready to emerge, so too should we be patient with the pace of growth in all areas of our lives.

This is even more important as Mars, our energy and libido, will be moving very slowly through July. Although now direct it will take some time for Mars to pick up speed and then he needs to pass Saturn at the beginning of Sagittarius before things can really get moving again. We need to be patient, setting things in motion while at the same time realising that the fruit of the seeds we sow will only appear when the time is right. This is the lesson of Cancer season…. cont.

This is a great time to look within and see how you can let go in the ‘light of love’ and care for yourself. Platinum Alchemy energy medicine kits ‘Goddess’ and ‘Sensual Self Love’ are the perfect support for this energy, allowing you to release and clear deeply so you can support your own awareness and allow your soul light to shine forth with abundant love and strength.

Enjoy your Cancer journey friends