About Kim

AKA Ohlara Amohba, Taja Suvenit

Kim is a Wise Medicine Woman, Shaman, Visionary, Clairvoyant Healer with the ability to support your conscious expansion into Enlightenment and give ‘Vision to your Life’. She shares her gifts with world changers, leaders and healers who seek mentoring, conscious energy expansion (biological ascension) healing, awakening or enlightenment. 


In private practice for over 30 yrs, Kim has owns Pure Balance & created Avoca Bouddi a health spa, over 15 years where she further developed Platinum Alchemy and its energy medicines in a deeply nurturing spa setting.  Her multi-modality and clinical healing experience and wisdom is backed by her Celestial Soul light team of biological ascension experts who she consults on your behalf to support, star seeds and new world leaders and healers to expand consciousness to reach their desired unlimited potential.

Kim's Mission to support you working with the Celestial Light Team

In a near-death experience in 1980, Kim met 12-starlight beings, which guided and directed her own rapid healing, accelerated her healing gifts, spiritual awakening and guided her to study many healing modalities including Earth Science Geology, supporting her to live a rich, creative and rewarding life.
In 1995 during her studies in Geology, the starlight beings returned and activated her to ground the information about a new crystalline healing system which would support the evolution and ascension of humankind and our return to starlight consciousness.
In 1998 the Light Beings this coined ‘Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing’, (P.A.T.H.) the return of consciousness to love.
Kim brings forth new perspectives on energy healing, through conscious energy expansion and our ability to achieve a transcended state if we are willing and ready to let go of our attachments to bring in a new world based on higher spiritual principles. This is currently offered to new world leaders who a ready to expand into their unlimited potential.
Kim’s life work is to be a voice and usher Platinum Alchemy into the world through her work, personal experience, exploration and research finding new ways to support herself through biological ascension and help others who are experiencing the same or life’s greatest transitions.
She is currently writing books to share her life work in a larger way

What is Platinum Alchemy

Platinum Alchemy is a deeply nurturing, nourishing healing system which works through all levels of our being, through 33 chakras, to clear the way and ground our unlimited potential self, to live as a truly magnificent being and then share our gifts with others.

Kim’s private sessions can move from naturopathic herbal support, energetic and physical detoxification, to finding the soul gap and creating a bespoke path to anchor the soul light fully into the body.  Using Platinum Alchemy 12D quantum psycho-physical healing techniques to remove obstructing energies to complete self-care practices with Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines, Herbal, Nutritional Medicine and Channelled messages from your soul are given to understand your personal evolutionary path through enlightenment and to your potential. Specialized program soul work includes removal from stuck and collapsing timelines and soul mentoring to support your next evolutionary steps.

Kim's multi-modality approach

Platinum Alchemy 12D quantum healing involves 

12 energetic & psycho-physical healing modalities, developed especially for Platinum Alchemy.

Kim integrates her accredited modalities  into sessions as necessary.
Naturopathic Herbal Medicine, 
Psycho-Physical Healing
 Hypnotherapy & NLP
Meditation & Yoga
Soul Mentoring & 
 Spiritual Counselling 

Kim's Background and Training over 43 years

Engineering Survey Drafting, Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Naturopathic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Psychic Healing, Advanced Psychic Healing (astro-planetary), Eastern Hypnotherapy, Raja Yoga Meditation, High Magick, Shamanic practices, Channeling, Melchizedek and Ascended Master Activations, Sacred Geometry, Vipassana, Geology, Iridology, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Angelic & Star activations, 11:11 gateway world linkups with Solara, Platinum Ray Activations, Platinum Alchemy Creation and Development over 25 yrs, Spiritual Ascension training, Cert IV train the trainer, Crystalline Biology and Archetypes,  Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Wu Tao Dance Teacher, Archetype Reading-Counsel, Botanical Perfumery, Irash Satva Yoga Teacher (Lemurian sound and light yoga), Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Business, online and social media marketing.

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society since 1986 ATMS 1321
  • International Institute of Complementary Therapists IICT
  • Training School Accreditation- International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, (PureBalance Inner Wisdom Academy)
  • Botanical Perfumers Guild. USA