Message from Platinum Elohim Saluschia
You are loved and cared for on all levels at this time, even though You may not feel this at the very moment.
We ask you to remember the the light within your heart as The softness of a baby’s skin
The silky touch of baby hair,
The gentleness of a loving touch and the lightness of a feather
We offer you these things in light and energy and ask you to learn to feel and sense them as you learn to listen to our messages and respond to us.
We ask that you call us to you for support and deeper understanding at this time In your life.
We will calm your anxiety, and show you the next step towards deeper love and support.
As you begin to learn to trust yourself and others once again, be gentle upon yourself dear one.
When you call us sense a golden white light touching your head and flowing over you into your heart soothing anxieties and fears.
We will be with you as soon as you call us and when you use our fragrance to support yourself through deeper personal transitions.
When you decide to surrender your fears, anxieties and problems to us we can more easily show you the way.
Pay attention to our messages and guidance it is there for you now.