August15Awakening crystal bowls

The Alchemy of Awakening

Free yourself from old attachments, energies and entities as your DNA and cells are cleared and purified with the Platinum Ray, Crystal bowl sounds, Light Language of the Platinum Angels in my next sound healing event.

Our focus:
Entering the Awakening Platinum Ray Healing Temple for deep cellular rejuvenation and healing, shifting your personal light frequency beyond limitations and annoying old attachments.

Simply allow yourself to rest and receive the healing energies of the Platinum Angels and Light beings from source.

Your temple journey experience is always relevant for you at this time in your life.

As there is an abundance of love and healing energies available to you. I have been shown that collectively we need to work with Platinum Awakening Alchemy this month.

So I’d love to see you at one of my sound healing events to help you through these shifts.

Why Awakening Alchemy

You may be experiencing entity attachments and energies which no longer serve your shift toward light consciousness and they are now ready to be realized and released.

You may be learning how to become aware of energies in and around you, you may be learning how to be a healer using rays, crystals, essences and working with Platinum Light.

You may be studying ancient texts and new information is coming to you, helping to further your career prospects, preparing you for a new career. The information you may be studying may also be in the realms of astrology, numerology and of an esoteric nature.

You may be under the guidance of a special teacher or guides who can help you evolve to higher levels of awareness, or you may be teaching others wisdom teachings and are needing to act as a resource for many, helping them to raise their consciousness from the 3D to 5D.

What is actually happening…Your heart is clearing deeper than ever before as you access part of your awareness which has been switched off until now. You are moving to a place of deeper love within yourself as you gain new insights and wisdom, this is switching on the activation of higher aspects of your light body on the 9th and 10th Levels of Light Body. A part of you may feel secure and vulnerable with excitement at the same time. As your light bodies are activating deeper you may experience lower back or hip pain during this integration process.



NEWCASTLE | Fri 28th August 2015 | 2hr workshop 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Location: Sacred Space Yoga , 6 Mitti St Blacksmiths NSW 2281

FEE $45 / person |  NEWCASTLE BOOKINGS Essential  Ph: 02 4971 6901

CENTRAL COAST | Sat 29th August 2015 | healing workshop 3.30pm – 5pm

Location:  Heart of the Universe, Bamboo Buddha, 221 Wattle Tree Road, Holgate, New South Wales 2250

Fee: Singles $40 singles | BYO Friend $70 for 2 friends | Students/pensions $30 each (ID may be asked for) | School Children accompanying full paying adult $15 each


KImCrystalBowlshalfsizeIMG_2378Ohlara (Kim Lansdowne-Walker) – messenger of the Platinum Angels, Platinum Ray and Source Rays will be your guide to take you into the ancient Lemurian priestess healing temples on the inner planes for chakra clearing | healing, DNA cellular memory clearing, personal healing, activating deeper soul connection and soul guidance.

We will have Purebalance Platinum Alchemy Awakening Energy Medicines available on the day, to support follow up homecare. These include flower and gem essences, aura clearing mist, organic herbal teas, chakra clearing and healing oil, plus Crystal Detox range to support further ascension alignment & your personal detox needs.