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    Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Balance or Split!!

    In the sauna last night. I enjoyed listening to an enlightening conversation of 2 men who were in there 40s to 50s, (it’s always hard to tell over 40), I did close my eyes and went within so I was not being a nosy body, but that seemed to make their words resonate even more. !!   They were expressing how their lives have changed in the past 2 years and how they didn’t feel blocked any more. They had taken on a gentle awareness and softness, listening to their inner voice more and following that, instead of shutting people out of their life.   They both commented on having…

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    HELP I’m Transforming! DNA body changes 2.

    How do you change your own DNA? To change your DNA and trigger your crystalline transformation, for change to occur to your structure you need to change your emotions. To do this you also need to change your thoughts because your thoughts and emotions change your biochemistry and your brain chemistry. What may follow will mean headaches and nausea as the fears and transformation occurs. I remember often coming home from my clinic in Terrigal during 2000- 2002 with the most amazing headaches, I’ had to pull over the side of the road to throw up. I do remember this and it wasn’t fun but it does pass. As your changes occur,…

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    “Help” I’m Transforming – DNA Body Changes 1.

    I found this article in my writing archives this morning, for good reason I think. While as a healer working on my own ascension since 1991, there is a lot of info that I am feeling the need to share again because so many more people are going through these experiences. Ascension symptoms are really scary, scary enough to send you running to a hospital thinking you have something frightfully wrong.   These posts are documented of my own personal journey, I hope they will help you to understand that you are not dying, only transforming. Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing (PATH) system has been developed to address the biological ascension symptoms…

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