From the moment you were born change was evident.

Every day change occurs in an area of your life. Your cells change, atoms shift and change, your mind changes, your heart changes, every moment of your existence there is change.

Change is connected to fear in many within lower conscious vibration, fear is frozen light that goes nowhere but into stasis, like a dirty pond.

We ask you to consider… Are you like a festering pond multiplying upon yourself too fearful to move. If this is your experience you will experience the most powerful change and shift as the energies of divine light fully manifest on the earth and create the new frequencies of creation available to all beings.

Collectively you now have the opportunity to create the life your heart desires. This week it is a great time to consider your personal clearing and cleansing needs and goals.

Calendar of Creation Meditation

In your meditations this week, we suggest you ask your soul heart what is really necessary to keep and what is necessary to let go.

Be ready to step into your liberated self, it’s so safe to do so now as the light of creation is here to support your every step. Its up to you and time to step up into your light and not look back. The old world is rapidly dissolving, you can help this happen by being the change that you need.

Enjoy your week Masters of Creation, it’s your time to shine

Platinum Elohim through Ohlara – Calendar of Creation

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