Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines

Platinum Alchemy energy medicines have been created from a deeply nurturing and nourishing wisdom to bring you back into pure balance and restore your light as you increase in personal frequency.

Each product has been made from organic and wildcrafted ingredients without unnecessary additives or fillers. This is part of my philosophy integrating my gifts as a nurturer, intuitive and torch for your soul’s highest truth. bringer of soul truth.

The energy medicines have been formulated from channelled wisdom and my connections to 12D Arcturian Angelic light beings. With their wisdom on ascension and what it takes to increase your personal frequency, I created the many Pure Balance healing ranges.

Products can be purchased individually for personal use.

They are best used as a DIY ascension support healing each home care kit  which provides the essential support to rapidly clear DNA, and bring light into your consciousness through detoxification snd clearing the shadows blocking your soul connection. 

Kits come with worksheets to support your clearing focus.

Self Love Platinum Alchemy
Earth Spirit Platinum Alchemy
Tranquillity Platinum Alchemy
Goddess Platinum Alchemy
Joy Platinum Alchemy
Meditation Platinum Alchemy
Angelic Platinum Alchemy
Awakening Platinum Alchemy
Transition Platinum Alchemy
Peace Platinum Alchemy
Enlightenment Platinum Alchemy
Oneness Platinum Alchemy