Forgiveness Healing and Self Help

Greetings beloved, this past month has provided much awakening and awareness around how one may need to shift to move into their higher frequency of light consciousness.

Karmic clearing has been key to the shifts in perception which have been experienced by many during this month as the source light enters the earth’s atmosphere stronger and stronger preparing for a bigger opening and shift at the end of September.

I myself have experienced this and when it happens we feel so wounded. The craziness being that it most often comes from an unexpected source and we can feel as though we have been side swiped out of the blue, and left with our souls feeling shattered and left feeling very vulnerable. The stress and shock that is left in our body from these healing triggers can be damaging on many levels if left untreated. If you are feeling shattered to the core, please find a healer who can provide some loving body treatments to help heal and soothe you and your soul.

‘Forgiveness’ The Self Help Solution

In my meditation and communication with the Platinum Angels I have been asked to share this self help technique I  use this whenever I need it. I hope that it will help you as well. 

When a wound is raw it is very difficult to heal and does take time. You may be ready to heal now or you may still be integrating a recent experience.

What is most important is that you take action as fast or as soon as possible.

Taking action may mean having some soul healing, talking about your experience, seeing a healer or counsellor, taking time for meditation, spending time in nature, taking energy medicines flower essences and aromatherapy to help calm and soothe you, but most importantly a shift in your perception will create the most rapid healing.

A shift in perception is all that is actually required to fully heal, as simple as that sounds it is often the most difficult thing for us to do. Given the current time on the earth mother, many of us are experiencing many karmic and healing experiences as we have made agreements for this to be a part of our life.

Remember that forgiveness and letting go will rapidly free the energy that you have been tangled up in unconsciously. It will allow your personal vibration to increase rapidly so you feel liberated and able to move forward in your life.

9 steps to forgiveness and a shift in perception

Ask the Platinum Angels to help you begin to Forgive,  Let GO – Surrender into your truth to the peace and love which is there for you and always has been.

Step 1. Listen to your heart…

Sit quietly and write a list of all the people you have not seen eye to eye with, you have misgivings with or who have left you with emotional pain in your heart.

Step 2. It’s time to journal…

Over a couple of days or a week or so – write a letter to each person. Start the letter by telling them that you forgive them eg “(name)…I forgive you for…… “and also telling them that you thank them eg  “(name … I thank you for…..”  .. Write all the things that come to your mind for each person in each letter until you feel that it is completeput the letters in sacred place.

Step 3. Oracles…

Have you oracle cards ready on hand as you will need them soon. Shuffle your cards so they are ready to use.

Step 4. Go within…

Go into a meditative place (a crystal detox bath is great preparation during and after each forgiveness healing, this will help relax you and focus) and from within your heart the person that you release them from your energy, your mind emotions and your heart, through all levels of creation and back to source. In your mind and heart tell them that they are free, feel that you are free from this energy all the way back to source light. This is great to do in a crystal detox bath because the zeolite crystals will support your thoughts and heart intention drawing impurities from within your cellular memory.

Step 5. Really! A gift…

Think of the person you are forgiving as you shuffle your oracle cards, place them in your heart, choose a card for them. Read  the card you have chosen. This is the gift from the person you have forgiven and let go of in your life.From this message make a positive affirmation or statement for yourself and write it on a clean piece of paper or card.

Step 6. Lets go deeper…

Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for each person you wish to let go from your life and forgive. You may end up with one or more affirmations to work with.

Step 7. Open to receive your gifts…

Read and contemplate your affirmation, and understand the gift each person has given you as you let them go. You can now hold them in your heart with love and gratitude knowing that they have helped you step forward and heal your life. (put these affirmations in a safe place for use a little later)

Step 8. Completion…

Completion…. Now you have completed the process, take all your letters and any other memorabilia that you feel you need to let go of, associated with the person, and choose a method of physically letting it go. I create a ritual fire to burn the paper or any object  I am letting go and find this very effective.


Whatever way you choose to let go of these things it is important to add a part of yourself (your DNA) as a symbol of total release. If you are a menstruating female it is most powerful to use some of the blood you release during your monthly cycle. (I will leave the details up to you. If you are male or non menstruating you can add some of your saliva, hair or nail cuttings to let go with your final physical letting go ritual.Once you have burned the papers and a part of your DNA you have totally let go.

Dispose of the ashes in a thoughtful way, honouring all concerned and give thanks for your new found freedom.


All you should have left is your positive affirmation/s which will help you move forward into the direction you need to go


Before bed at night meditate or contemplate on your affirmation/s, do this 20 minutes as your going to sleep. Continue to use the affirmations for 21 days every night.


To make it easy for yourself, you can record your affirmations on your phone with some music in the background and play them back to yourself for 30 minutes as you are going to sleep each night.


You can do this special self healing forgiveness releasing ritual as often as you need to, put this in a safe place and use it again and again to help you heal yourself and move deeper into love.

For support tools with this ritual see  PureBalance® Platinum Alchemy Home Detox Kits and or Crystal Detox Bath. I strongly recommend using these products to help you move through the forgiveness cycle with ease, they will help you to clear out any residue in case you have missed something.

Platinum Alchemy has been given to us from the Platinum Light Beings, Angels and Earth Mother Mutuhu when we need support to transforming our perception and move deeper into light.

Sending Love and Light for the most amazing healing experience