I found this article in my writing archives this morning, for good reason I think. While as a healer working on my own ascension since 1991, there is a lot of info that I am feeling the need to share again because so many more people are going through these experiences. Ascension symptoms are really scary, scary enough to send you running to a hospital thinking you have something frightfully wrong.


These posts are documented of my own personal journey, I hope they will help you to understand that you are not dying, only transforming. Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing (PATH) system has been developed to address the biological ascension symptoms of your cells through purification processes which support higher personal vibration and light consciousness.

The following info is republished from my posts on 27th November 2005, – this was written 12 years ago.


Over the past several weeks there has been a great influx of energies pervading the earth leading up to latest activation of the 11:11:11 gateway. This is very exciting because it shows we are on track as a spiritually conscious evolving species and are well on our way to handle the changes and energies directed to us from source, as we continue to evolve.

If you have undergone recent dramatic change in your life leading up to, during, and after the 11th November 2005, give yourself a loving (((hug))) and reward yourself because you have made it into the next level of evolution. Even though you may have been through a period of feeling like your head was in a vice, a fractured and pain filled heart, flu symptoms, fevers, chills, feeling sad with crying jerks and just like a pile of _ _ _ _.

As the process of biological and spiritual ascension takes place within each and every person, even your pets and all animals on this planet the physical body along with the emotional and mental bodies will undergo many changes.

These changes can be experienced as physical symptoms or feel like a dis-ease within the body, but when tested or checked by a medical doctor no physical abnormality may be found and the experience of illness and pain will be dismissed, often as psychosomatic.

You may find yourself feeling very frustrated and fearful of the changes you are experiencing in your body, mind and emotions at this time because you know they are real.

Unfortunately there are probably very few practitioners within the medical establishment who are aware of the biological or spiritual ascension process and are therefore unable to help in most cases.

In this article I am going to explain some of my personal experiences through my conscious ascension process over the past 11 years plus cover some symptoms and cellular transformations you may encounter as your body takes on more light and transforms into the new genetics as Earth moves into the photon band of light.


As your transformation occurs, you may have periods when you feel more anxious and irritable than usual. You may feel restless, headachy, and less able to concentrate. You may have an increased sensitivity to people, sounds, smells and environments. You may experience muscle soreness particularly in the low back, joint pains or poor digestion. When your glands are being simulated, your body is constantly in a hyper state of fight-or-flight and the body expends huge resources at tremendous rates of speed this is one reason why you may feel so ravenous and have intense cravings.

Initially this mutation process that we are undergoing has been initiated within the molecular structure of our brains. Then via progressive cycles of change through influxes of light that are introduced to the rest of the body systems mainly through the cerebral-spinal fluid then via the nervous system generally. This is why most people experience sensations and disturbances within the head, eyes, spine and nerves. These can result in dizziness, headaches, and pressure in the head, usually experienced from back to front, at other times, from side to side. This also accounts for nervous system disruptions, sleeplessness and irregular energy surges and drops. Your digestion may become erratic and peculiar pains may come and go without warning in different parts of the body.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells, which are made up of molecules and this breakdown continues all the way to a subatomic level. At the subatomic levels blueprints are formed for our physical bodies and `it’s at this level that the changes are occurring via the increase in light onto the planet. Due to our planets move into the photon band which is causing a shift in the axis of the planet, followed by Earth changes due to cosmic influences and light bombarding the atmosphere.

Within the interior of Earth, change is also occurring to the planet as it is taking on more light and heating up. All of these things have an affect on the magnetic field and the electromagnetic field of the Earth. This magnetic field is what we have used to interpret who and what we think we are, and to store our memory. We need an interior magnetic field to retain memory. We believe we cannot live without some form of magnetic field. The magnetic field affects the emotional body, and our memory of who we are. When there are changes to the earths magnetic field it directly affects us.

As the magnetic field changes there tends to be a build up of chaos, because emotions become so intense. As your brains subatomic trigger activates you begin to transform to crystalline (we are transforming to crystalline to hold more light and be able to maintain full consciousness through the earth changes) and changes are experienced in all energy bodies as the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies open to the new higher frequencies required to hold light. This is when we find an urgency to listen to our intuition, follow our heart, find life purpose and make the necessary changes required for a new life. This is not just a spiritual activation it is actually your survival mechanism and the blueprint of a new awakened human species which activates in each individual at a time predetermined in your DNA.

At your material level, these changes appear to be a rearrangement of matter. From a spiritual level, these changes relate to the growth of planetary awareness. The very structure of every cell in your bodies is changing. The changes in your body will occur in the body as all cells undergo a gentle infusion of new electromagnetic impulses. Your cellular structure is being re-wired, during this cellular transformation to hold more light.

This is taking place on a multitude of levels within the body. The more you are in alignment with your body wisdom; the more movement there is consciously towards the trigger of your cellular memory to activate the transformation within your DNA. You are meant to be involved and not to sit back on automatic pilot. These changes are definitely occurring, but it is important for you to be in alignment with these changes consciously, the more conscious you are you will be the captain of your ship, able to direct and orchestrate as a co-creator of the changes within yourself and become an island of light for many others around you.

Universal law provides that the physical form for Divine life expression of a species may be altered or reformatted only by those who dwell therein.

This means that all DNA of the human species of Earth can only be altered through individual creative choice of the consciousness that dwells within the body.

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Kim is a medicine women, visionary, clairvoyant and healer with the ability to give ‘Vision to Life’. She shares her inner knowing with her clients and students who are seeking healing, awakening and enlightenment. Working with her gift of ‘Owl Medicine’ Kim helps people reach their full soul potential in healing, health, ascension, love, career, or karmic evolution.

From a near death experience in 1980 Kim met 12 light beings, which guided and directed her healing, spiritual awakening and the study of many healing modalities including geology. During her studies in geology the light beings returned and activated her to ground the information about a new crystalline healing system which they said was to support the evolution and ascension of humankind and our return to light. In 1998 this was coined Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing, ‘the return of consciousness to love’.

Kim’s life work has been to develop Platinum Alchemy and share it. For over 20 years Kim has developed, taught and helped many clients with Platinum Alchemy in Australia and throughout the world.

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