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Intro by Kim…

Personally I have found this time of the year (November 2016), very confusing and with little guidance coming through. I have felt like I’ve been in a null zone since the triple 8 gate in August 2016. 

Recently I saw a reader for some guidance, this is something I do rarely as I usually feel OK with my guidance coming through. One thing that she suggested was to begin Channelling again if I’m not getting any clarity so this is what I have decided to do.

I hope that it will help me and you as well, if you have been deeply affected by the changes that have been occurring this year (2016).

Personally I’ve had a year of ongoing change and shifting. It started with a reading I gave myself early in the year featuring the ‘Tower’ card. I remember looking at it and thinking… What is this year going to bring? My numerology showed a universal 9 year, with my birth force being a number 9 and my personal year a number 2.

I knew I was in for a roller coaster ride, but really wasn’t sure how it was going to manifest. I had one choice, to be in the now and take each moment and day as it came. Now feeling like a stunned mullet after everything that occurred this year. Its now close to the end of the year and I have many tales I could tell which have manifested, change after change after change. Within that there has been little space for me to digest one shift before the next shift was occurring.

I felt that my heart has been pulled out of my chest, someone has squeezed my old life out of it and then it has filled with new life force, before being dropped back into my chest and topping me up for the next experience. Each time leaving me with a jaw dropping experience.

And recently I was forced to trade in my long awaited and needed holiday with my beloved to an overnight hospital stay and truck loads of antibiotics for the duration of my holiday.

Is everything OK?

Yes, it is thanks. I guess I’m feeling a little strange and wonder what will occur next, and do we really manifest this stuff?

So what has happened this year with all these intense energies creating so much shifting?

Now it’s time to do some channeling and get to the bottom of the why, In doing this I hope it will shed some light on your year if it has been anything like mine.

Actually as I feel into this space I feel like I need to go find that cocoon that  has my name on it and go rest in that space ready for my rebirth.

My knowing understands that all these experiences are connected to shifting consciousness, transforming and creating new evolutionary pathways which are shifting me out of the 3D model of consciousness, through 4D consciousness and into 5D consciousness so I can fully manifest from 5D.

Mmm…. I wonder how I made it, did I do good, I do know that I’ve had to push through a lot of areas, I’ve been challenged on many levels, but I do still believe what I bought through to share is now more than worthwhile and is now so important to share with you. What is interesting is that I feel like I created these challenges to test myself.

This channeling is now beginning from the end of January 2017, and things have changed a lot which I am so happy about. I hope you are feeling the light which is now upon us and allowing things to move forward again.

I’m handing over to Platinum Ray Mutuhu the Lemurian ancient earth mother…..

Beloved being of light we come to you from the core of the earth mother ship to help  you understand the changes that are occurring at this time in your your civilizations. We know this has been very difficult for many beings and as the solar  energies continue to increase in frequency entering earth portals you will all begin to find relief from that which has been deep karmic release over the past year.

We are happy to say to you at this time 96% of earth has created a shift in consciousness to move fully into the light which we have been shining into you. The earth mother has increased in light by 96% from 12 months previously, this is why it has been such a strong feeling of change on the surface worlds.

Over the next months you will experience more change and growth. Those that have undergone major shifting in the past 12 months will be able to support those who have yet to go through their change. Around 60% of surface beings have yet to fully absorb the new frequency which has entered earth from the source.

This change will continue in your consciousness so the energies can continue to rise beyond that which you have ever understood in a physical body.

Yes, it is true that you are moving into light and now as this continues you are being asked to clear the physical body and the debris which has built up from within your form. This is the quickest way that you can increase in personal vibration, and the way which will become least painful for many.

There is a need to focus on nurturing detoxification strategies so you can feel supported in your daily life. The energies are here to help you through this process and you simply have to work with the the mother and she will support you through this process, find yourself enjoying time and space in nature, and using only ‘pure’ natural products to support cellular clearing will be the only way your cells can transmute to the new crystalline frequency.

Your world is still full of the inorganic plastics and synthesized products made to replicate nature, these products are not compatible with your new energy structure, so please do not be influenced by those who persist on creating synthetics, those who work to own and control for power over nature and greed. These synthetics will not be able to work with the energies which are being focused into the the many portals on the earth planes to support your ascension process.

Earth Changes ‘on the Surface’

There are 4 regions on the earth mother that will be greatly affected in the next 12 -28 months months of your time frame, this is firstly, the Americas.

There will be great uprising in this time for the people in these continents, and the lack of light energies to support the changes becoming evident are really necessary for all concerned. We ask you to gather in the name of the mother at any special gatherings you create and focus the light into the Americas as they and her peoples residing in this place will greatly need the support of the world light consciousness.

This is a total turnaround from what has been in the past history and this is occurring to provide new balance to the earth mother.

The Americas have participated in much pollution of the earth mother and the consumption of unnecessary things has fuelled the need for this to occur. Devastation is also likely for some areas I am seeing Montana to experience deep earth activity during september of this year.

And along with the Americas the caribbean will undergo great changes, those residing within this region will be required to be lifted out to safety as there will be changes in the earth mother occurring within the templates which will trigger change to the land masses.

This is not known at this time, however with the discontent of the people both in north and middle americas they will attract to themselves clouds of doom and gloom.

The indigenous cultures are working hard at this time to prevent the fall of the americas and they will require support from those who are not located in the land.


This we are calling to lightworkers who understand the gift of focus and clarity to support the peoples of the land and work with the indigenous elders over the time of change and transformation.

Deep karmic energies are being released from the lands and the effects of the japan nuclear fallout are also adding to the impact of the consciousness of the people on this region. There is craziness in the minds as they have lost their connection to the land in trading the mother for the accumulation of wealth and for material objects.

The peoples that can help are that of the indigenous ways. They are ready for the change and know this is coming and have known for many a time, the elders have records of old which have supported the awareness of the changes.


Dark will return to light in the americas, the process will be painful for many and those who cannot see the light or refuse to shift the dinosaurian thinking which will no longer be able to be in control of the land.


The second area…

which will undergo great change is the of russian people, there is a deep darkness within the land of the northern european structure. This is also overused by greed and no equality for the people, to change will be difficult for this area, there will be shifts in temperature and climate changes which will be extreme and including power which will not be available to the people at such crucial times. This will result in changes in the government due to uprising of the people in this far northern land.



the area which will be affected is the english land and the way that the democratic government is not democratic. The secrecy and many secrets will emerge from the counsel of the elders and the ancient records of the land will be given back to the people, there will be rises within the united kingdom, creating division for many.

The upper class will be persecuted by those in middle and lower classes, the way of governing will change like never before, as the secrets of the ancients surface to be seen for what they truly are. Again the greed will shine through to the people so their eyes are opened and they become wide awake. Veils will be removed. This will create change from the lower to the higher life status of the land.

The fourth area…

which will undergo great political change is the southern european and north africa, there is a monumental energy which has always governed these areas and is now ready to be lifted to bring peace and favours to the people living in this region.

Through the change, uprising will affect those in nobility and effects of land settlements will be brought to justice, by the people.


This will not be so noticed as this is part of the ongoing spectrum of energies which have been worked on over time and eyes will be more likely focused onto the americas and russia, the two larger countries which will undergo great change.

This effect is expected to go on and continue into the next 2.5 years and with the change many will find themselves out of work. World money markets will have restrictions and banking giants will be brought to justice by the people, demanding a total new way of governing. Self regulation will be important.


Entities which have held the consciousness of archetypes over the last 2000 years will be changed for ones that are more favourable, focused on oneness and unity consciousness and that will be able to rule without control. People will seek their connections with the higher self and religious sectors will undergo great change.


You have seen the religious sectors shift and built momentum over the past several years, this is like the rise before the fall. The people will be more concerned with their own self preservation and will listen to their hearts and the land that they reside upon. Much change is about to occur as you move deeper into the photon light,


…all those that have not allowed light to shine into the their darkness will be greatly affected over the next 2.5 years.


As you move into 2018 your personal frequencies will be running at a high level and the way you choose to live your life will be greatly changed.

In developed countries those with less knowledge of working on the land will take the opportunities available to create community and joint venture within their local community for re establishment and survival.

Money which you have relied upon over much time will become less valued and the value will once again return to the mother and acquisition of the motherland so you can feed yourself.

Governments will be challenged greatly during this time and will need to find harmony and balance for themselves and the people they serve,  if they are to avert destruction.


These things may seem very dark at this time for many, we ask those of you that know the power of the love and light of the source light to send your loving and nurturing to those who will be in need during this time.


The value of healing and many other services will begin to be reduced to exchange or gifts by some and those in this place will find great comfort with the ability to help others more fully with their gifts.

We ask you to gather and create your communities, share your skills wisely and not from a point of greed, as this will result in personal suffering. Honour that which you need to survive with shared light, giving and receiving, if you have gifts begin sharing accordingly to work with the laws of nature and the mother.

The release of many souls through the next period will allow those who are ready to return to star light be in their rightful positions. Those that have the ability to work as healing guides are asked to share their light inner wisdom and support those who leave this time and place for one of union with their creator and star families.

The earth mother we know and love you, the time has come to change and rearrange deeply that which you truly know in your hearts that must come to pass. Be extra gentle and caring for yourself so you can lead as your path shows, care for and be patient for those you love, speak from your true heart to all you meet, you have chosen to come forth at this time to be part of the most amazing transformation and transition on the earth mother and within this solar system.

The nature kingdoms are here to support you in all ways and you will learn to know how to work with them and find the peace and connection you are asking for.

Peace and love from the creation teams, of all that is, in connection to the divine mother, the new creation energy of the Platinum Ray, Mutuhu earth mother.

Channeled from Ohlara Taja Omahba aka Kim Lansdowne-Walker






Kim is a luminary medicine women, visionary, spiritual teacher with the ability to give ‘Vision to Your Life’. She shares this inner knowing with her clients and students who seek to expand their personal frequency through Platinum Alchemy healing, teachings, awakening and enlightenment. Working with her gift of ‘Owl Medicine’ Kim supports clients bridge the gap between their current personal vibration and the actual personal vibration that is available to them.

Kim works with leaders who are ready to shift into luminary status to bring their amazing message and gifts to the world. Programs with Kim clear out many levels of DNA, archetypes and entities which suppress luminary light status preventing them to reach their full soul potential. Whether that be for health, ascension, love, career, or karmic evolution.

From a near death experience in 1980 Kim met 12 light beings, which guided and directed her healing, and personal spiritual journey to be able to live an extraordinary life and study many healing modalities including geology. During her studies in geology the Platinum Light Beings returned and activated her to ground the information around Platinum Alchemy a crystalline healing system to support the evolution and ascension of humankind through our return into the Golden Age of light. In 1998 this was coined ‘Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing’, the return of consciousness to love.

Kim’s life work has been to develop Platinum Alchemy Transformation Healing and teach. For over 20 years Kim has developed, taught and helped many clients with Platinum Alchemy in Australia and throughout the world.

Kim’s light tools are shared in the healing energy medicines, Crystal Detox, Temp L D’or Botanical Perfume and 12 Platinum Alchemy products ranges can be seen at and

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