Through Ohlara Channel-Healer of the Platinum Elohim 7th August 2015

Gateway is used synonymous with an opening. In this case we are referring to the opening of galactic and cosmic energies, which have the ability to transform humanity’s consciousness referred to as. The Lions gate, triple 8 gateway.

The number 8 is metaphysically known as the number of balance and strength, as above so is below, one complete circle above and one complete circle below creates pure balance and the strength of forces both light and dark to become balanced at an auspicious time. Turn the eight on its side and we have the lemniscate ‘infinity’ symbol.

Just knowing this creates a powerful junction in the time space continuum, for balance to occur throughout the planet and within the psyche of humanity.

During this first eight opening we may be triggered to ask ourselves the question.

How much balance do I have in my life?

This is a great way to begin the month and see where you are able to begin creating a life towards pure balance.

You may consider journaling and asking yourself questions about balance connected to.

  • Your relationship with self,
  • Relationships with friends,
  • Relationships with loves,
  • Relationships with family,
  • Work,
  • Leisure,
  • Addictive behaviors,
  • Obsessive thinking,
  • Confidence,
  • Emotions

Going deeper you might ask yourself what attachments do I have around these areas of my life.

Releasing attachments will liberate you to no end and bring you fully into your joy. Some ideas you might focus and ask yourself about attachments are

  • Possessions and material life, there might be an over concern about what others think of you, how you should look, wear or act.
  • Attachment to emotional pain or suffering, many humans love the drama of their emotional and even physical pain or suffering, how does this affect you and what hit do you get out of it.
  • Having a need to be needed by others, this can create unhealthy attachments to friends, family or lovers.
  • Attachments to addictive behaviors
  • etc

During this time the universe is providing loads of help to help you move into a life filled with love and joy. This has been coming for a long time so now its time to rejoice and take action to move toward the ideal you.

Why this is an extra special time

During this special planetary configuration its possible for, waves from the Galactic Centre to bath the Earth with light keys and codes to assist in the evolution of the planet for the next cycle.

We have an opportunity to experience this energy opening 3 times in just one month. In astrology when a planet transits our birth chart it creates an aspect to the planets concerned. The aspect will occur 3 times during the planets movement in the sky. This gives us an opportunity to create or make changes three times before the planet no longer has an influence on us. Depending on the planets concerned it may be a slower or faster duration. Slow planets take 1 to 3 years to move through your astrology chart. Faster moving ones, like the moon change energy 2.5 days so the intensity is usually not as deep or long lasting, even though it can feel that way at times.

The planets affecting us during late July and August 2015 are sitting in this Gateway corridor. This started from July 26th to August 12th where we have 9 planets retrograde; they are Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Pallas, Ceres, and Pallas. When a planet goes retrograde is gives us the opportunity to see how our past has affected us.

If we are sensitive ‘listening’ and courageous enough we can use the inner soul wisdom offered to make necessary adjustments to our lifestyle, thoughts and beliefs. This is massive because there are so many planets involved and it is going to reveal a lot of soul source light wisdom for us all.

Also, the intensity spiking from July 26th is being experienced as Uranus went retrograde along with Venus on July 25th. The retrograde, of both Uranus and Venus, created a horizontal intensity and as the Lion Consciousness releases light within the grand opening of the Lions Gateway Portal; this further creates a vertical stream of source light consciousness like a tsunami. Together, forming a Cross-of light.

A cross within a circle is called the part of fortune in your astrology chart. If you can it would be fun to see how you might focus your energy at this time and how you can best transform yourself. Look at the part of fortune progressed in your personal astrology chart.

Light is holographically expressed as a circle, within which holds the unity consciousness of the creator. Mater is formed from spirit alchemically symbolized by a square within the center of the circle. Square peg in round hole, I’m sure you know what that has felt like.

Now when the reverse occurs, ‘matter returning to spirit’, ‘a return to light consciousness’ a cross (i.e. the vertical stream of light and horizontal stream of light mentioned) is placed in the square. This cancels out the square and hence the separation of spirit being dissolved. Hooray!!!!

Apparently this will most strongly affect Aries then followed closely by Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. So, if your Sun, Moon or Rising sign is one these signs you may experience a deep and profound connection.

What you can do

This is a great time to

  • Listen to your heart,
  • Spend time alone,
  • Spend time in nature,
  • Ground yourself,
  • Meditate,
  • Bath,
  • Listen to your dreams,
  • Focus within and ask questions of your higher heart self,
  • Keep a record of any insights as they will emerge quickly and go just as quick.

The past and why it is so important now

During 1987 August 8th (lions gate) was the beginning of the harmonic convergence. Which was 16-17th August 1987. This was a time where Earth was gifted with a new energy matrix and many souls; both light workers and healers took part in the birthing of this process across our beautiful planet. They were activated to do this specialized work and we should always be grateful for the early spiritualists, healers and light workers who lived unique lives to bring us into the new world we are about to more fully transition through. The Golden Age, the Aquarian Age of love and light consciousness.

For me personally this was a truly special time because my first daughter was conceived during this period, she is truly gifted and special and brings through all the ways of the new world, she is a true spiritual teacher who walks her talk and is a change catalyst for many people.

More can be read about the Harmonic Convergence here

This is an exciting time for every being on our beautiful planet, we are truly excited to be of support to all at this time searching for truth and heart alignment.

Enjoy this shift, it is preparing you for the most beautiful life to create the amazing beautiful you.



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Ohlara aka | Kim Lansdowne-Walker is a channel, teacher and healer for the Platinum Elohim. and Platinum Ray, Developer of Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing, and Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines. Ohlara has worked with the Platinum Elohim since a near death in 1980. She holds qualifications in many healing modalities and esoteric sciences.

Kim holds full professional accredited memberships with

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