Platinum Alchemy 12D Quantum Healing Sessions with Kim

I rapidly remove the unconscious energies blocking your heart, soul and life path.

Before you Embark on a healing journey with me
there is one thing I have to ask you...

Are you really ready to obtain your goals and receive your dreams and wishes?



Take your time to really think about this, because, if you are ready your dreams and wishes will manifest very quickly

If you are not ready you will waste your money, my time and my energy. 






let me share a little of how you will change….


you will feel love like you have never experienced it in a physical body

you will feel expanded and free to be totally you and live your life your way

your heart will become pure and free of past burdens

you will be more and more protected as your heart becomes pure and full of love





What I ask of my students and clients is pure honesty, if you are prepared to live in

a pure heart, you can leave the rest up to me. I will only ask you to love yourself

and nurture yourself – that WILL be an essential commitment to have sessions with me.


Your past may be very dark and ugly, or very painful, 

as long as you are ready to give up your old life in favour of the new life that you believe you deserve 

I can help you. 


Do not worry yourself with more loss – the celestial angelic light beings will NEVER

ask you to GIVE UP anything that you truly LOVE.


Why Have Private Sessions

Bring your real issues to Kim for healing consultation, mentoring or a personalised program. Sessions support spiritual advancement and conscious energy expansion to reduce the Soul Gap, or support a direct path of quantum healing if you have been suffering from mental, emotional or physical health disturbances.  Kim open’s a clear energetic path for you to gain clarity in your next steps so you can feel more confident in your abilities to create the life of your dreams with clarity, renewed confidence and grounded in your body. 

What We Address

I will access your genetic, ancestral and archetypal energy records, via your 33 -46 chakras, to locate the exact areas requiring clearing or healing or support your desired goal. I then create your individualised program using Platinum Alchemy™ 12D quantum healing tools and techniques.

Your concerns related to spiritual advancement, conscious energy expansion and mental, emotional and physical health are also addressed providing a fully integrated quantum healing experience.

Your Solution

Kim will provide you with the proper tools and techniques which have been successfully used and developed in Kim’s clinical healing practice over for over 30 yrs. Fears, anxiety and phobias will become a thing of the past, you will gently feel much more aligned, safe and grounded in your body as each cycle of Platinum Alchemy™ quantum healing is completed. 

Confusion will become a thing of the past as sessions allow you to feel lighter, more joyfully unattached to life to ascend way beyond the energies of overwhelm, worry, fear and exhaustion. Freeing you from your ancestral, archetypal or karmic past to be free to expand into your greatest potential.


Rachael Jayne Groover, Best Selling Author, ‘Powerful & Feminine’ and ‘Divine Breadcrumbs’. and the creator of Art of Feminine Presence. Denver, Colorado

Mari-Jon Berna, multi-modality energetic quantum healer. Sydney Australia.

Platinum Alchemy Sessions with Kim

The following sessions and bespoke programs are offered to International and Australian clients.  Services are via distance on-line also available on location at the Avoca Beach Healing Temple at Avoca Beach for clients who can visit.  AUD$ are charged for all clients. Express product shipping is included within Australia. * international shipping will be added to international invoices.

 If you have questions please contact me on the forms below , on the links and lets have a discovery chat to see how I can support your desired next steps in life.


Zoom session or Studio session , you can address your physical, emotional or spiritual issues with Kim
$ 330
  • Soul Frequency Gap Check
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Multi Dimensional
  • Multi Modality
  • Soul Mentoring

    You will have a sacred space to be heard and listened to. Kim will ask you a series of questions, read your auric field, light body, chakras and give you the proper guidance to steer you on the right path to healing as well as giving you an energy transmission.

Platinum Alchemy™ studio sessions

Face to Face sessions in the Avoca Beach Studio
$ 995 2 hr session, products & follow up zoom
  • 2 hr studio time, includes Soul Gap counselling, and multimodality 12 D quantum healing session
  • EMR free environment for HSP highly sensitive people
  • Platinum Alchemy Self care Monthly Home Care System
  • Whether you are looking for spiritual advancement, conscious expansion or have been suffering from mental, emotional or physical issues, in this one month program, Kim will clear your energies and teach you how to achieve your goals in this step by step process.

1 month
Platinum Alchemy™

Distant Healing, plus 3 sessions with products
$ 1212 4 sessions & products
  • 3 sessions on Zoom
  • 1 x Platinum Alchemy™ distant quantum healing
  • Distant treatment pack to prep for healing
  • Platinum Alchemy™ healing session
  • Platinum Alchemy Self Care Monthly Home Care System
  • * International express shipping will be added to your invoice $95
  • Whether you are looking for spiritual
    advancement, conscious expansion or have
    been suffering from mental, emotional or
    physical issues, in this one month program, Kim
    will clear your energies and teach you how to achieve
    your goals in this step by step process.

I know you have questions, so let’s chat. I would love to meet you and personally to answer your questions in a 

15-minute session – simply book on the link below.

Do you have Questions?

Contact Kim on the form below with your questions. She will get back to you within 24 hrs, to set up a 15 min Zoom chat to answer your questions.