Kim 'ohlara' The Divine Feminine Shaman

Nurturing, Listening & Knowing how to help you as a
Lightworker, Starseed or New World Leader
up to 5000 DNA strand energy clearing
your souls personal frequency

Understanding support through
Ascension Initiations & Crystalline Cellular Conversion

Healing and Messages from the Platinum Ray & Arcturian Light Beings

Platinum Alchemy
Soul Reading

I support conscious leaders, star seeds, healers and spiritual seekers expand their personal frequency to reconnect to their heart and soul, and clear the way to be Crystal Clear about their soul mission to align with their perfect clients and life PATH.

As a master Star Seed and Shaman Healer, my view of your universe is unlimited!

I see what you cannot see,  Your Soul calling & your Soul Path!


This is where I expertly support you, I communicate with your highest potential self and your Soul calling.

I become your  your personal detective. With my intuitive gifts I find the core of any life imbalance

and work with your Soul to set you free.


Platinum Alchemy is a new way of energetic and business coaching with includes, healing through deep nourishment,

letting go, and teaching you to detox the things

 you never knew existed but have blocked your true Soul Light and greatest potential.


I work with you to reduce the Gap between where your current Personal Vibration is and the 

Personal Vibration your soul knows it has to be 

to reach to accomplish your mission.


This is called Reducing the Soul Gap

As the creator of Platinum Alchemy™ Transformational Healing System, I work with you 1:1 

to clear core unconscious and limiting beliefs, we simply erase them to enable you to live in your truth as a 

highly conscious star seed.  

My light team and I work together to rapidly clear the way, restructuring and repairing your light bodies and 

chakras, to open the path to your into unlimited creative potential. 


Platinum Alchemy 12D Quantum Healing

Platinum Alchemy is a 12D quantum coaching-healing system which rapidly frees you up 

to deeply align with your personal truth and Soul Mission.


Each session allows you to align deeper, feel lighter and feel more joyfully unattached to the past bringing you into the present to 

manifest and move way beyond the energies of overwhelm, worry, fear and exhaustion, truly freeing you 

from your collective, genetic or karmic past.


If you know you have something special to share with the world, have been running into challenges and roadblocks. 

Platinum Alchemy™ can rapidly support your movement forward.

Reducing your Soul Gap is the way forward in this new energy. I offer you deep nurturing, self-care and 

nourishment as you learn how to fully care for your personal energy. 


Being called to be a pillar of light for the new world and be a voice of love, hope and inspiration 

can have many challenges. I’m here to remind you that your journey into the new energy is the path that 

you will offer your tribe. Only when you have done this for yourself, 

then you will know how to confidently support others.  


Divine Feminine New World Leaders
share their program experiences

Are you ready to dive deeper into Enlightenment to access Unlimited Potential, Creativity, Innovation

& energy for your SOUL mission?