Discover your SOUL Gap
Are you stuck in your Soul Gap?
Learn what your Soul Gap is and how to align & awaken into full potential

platinum alchemy

Transforming Leaders to LUMINARIES

" The awakening human frequency potential has shifted
from 4 to over 80 million strands of light consciousness
in 20 years and continues to increase rapidly.

During 2018 alone, the light consciousness of human potential
has accelerated from an average 475K to over 80 million." Ohlara

The 4 Step Process to Luminary Leadership

Step 1.

Discover your SOUL Gap & your unique PATH to be a Luminary Leader

In your Luminary Leadership Soul Frequency session I reveal 3 essentials that your soul is calling out for, to ascend you into a Luminary leader.

Step 2.

Deep Energy Clearing, Soul Acceleration through healing & Luminary coaching

Soul to Soul we work together on your path to fully embody your gifts, deepening soul connection & heart alignment, strengthening Pure True Luminary  Leadership

Step 3.

Self Care Daily Rituals and Products to support rapid expansion

Ascension education and energetic tools support deeply nurturing and nourishing Self-Care rituals providing ongoing acceleration and the ability to maintain an expanded personal frequency. 

Step 4.

Next level assessment & we connect deeper with your soul 

Deep nourishment, energy clearing and rapid expansion continue as we repeat this powerful cycle until you reach your soul’s desire

You Soul Frequency gap reveals where your true soul gifts are but have not yet accessed. The Gap is where your potential for leadership, abundance, self realisation, healing, enlightenment, love, success and your ascended self are located.
To live a soul focused life and follow your purpose, the first step is to ascend the gap between where you are and where your soul is calling you to be. When the gap is narrowed, energy flow returns and it is easier to move freely into you soul aligned direction.




These questions will no longer haunt you. You will be connected to who you are and live with flow and assuredness that you are


‘Luminary leadership’ is for leaders ready to step up and lead their tribe into the new world with integrity, authenticity and transparency.

Transforming Consciousness for the New World

how platinum alchemy works....

Platinum Alchemy Healing is pure alchemy and follows four laws of alchemical direction

Platinum Alchemy is a 12th dimensional healing frequency  supporting human evolution, through the transformation of consciousness to Love with the Platinum Ray.

A multi-modality approach is used to obtain your desired result, working from the Platinum Alchemy medical intuitive model to create your personalized path to healing, awakening and personal enlightenment.

Energy medicines, tools of light, & self-care rituals support the full and permanent anchoring of the lightbody into the new biological crystalline form. 

Ascension into light & the crystalline body is a biological process that requires full consciousness to prevent spiritual bypass which results in fragmentation and schisming of  soul light.

From the ancient healing temples of Lemuria where the divine feminine Platinum Ray was the creation energy supporting  humanity into a new world, it has again returned to support earths full ascension.

from above downwards #1

connection to your soul truth

from inside to outside #2

releases deeply held beliefs and emotions that block your lifeforce, and prevent full healing & soul connection.

from most important to least important #3

area of most damage is treated first for essential healing. We look at spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

from most recent to more distant unresolved problems #4

that which is most conscious is addressed, once balanced, then initiations are accessed and transformed as you work along your personalized evolutionary path expanding personal frequency.


Seeds of light & Hope

See how you can be part of Platinum Alchemy and expand your personal frequency into the new world as a Luminary Leader

Luminary leaders elite program

Platinum Alchemy Luminary Leader coaching and healing program to rapidly expand your conscious frequency and close your Soul Gap  

NEW Luminary Leader group program coming 2019

On-line Group program & coaching for healers and leaders ready to go deeper and rapidly expand their personal conscious frequency.

Platinum Alchemy Healer TRAINING

Platinum Alchemy Advanced Spiritual and Energetic bodywork and spiritual based psychotherapy for healers. Learn essential steps, tools and techniques to support the new crystalline body.

Monthly Platinum Ray Oracle

Subscription to monthly energy forecast for Luminary Leaders, way showers and change agents.


Rapid results - Client Love

I was ready for this shift and needed to work with someone who really knows what is required to ascend and care for all levels of my being.  My soul is singing after one session, I feel so wonderful each time I work with Kim. 

Dana Lorem

Linda Guthrie

Cynthia Henry

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