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Testimonials - Kim Lansdowne-Walker

Client Love


Is the Transformation of Consciousness to Love.

providing True Freedom from 

the Shells of Karma.

Platinum Alchemy programs rapidly remove blocks that prevent you from fully aligning

with your source light, they rapidly increase your personal frequency accelerating your personal ascension .

Sessions clear the gap between you current level of light consciousness and the level of

light consciousness your soul is ready to integrate – often creating miracles for some

people. Here are some testimonials of clients and students sharing their unique


I received so much benefit from our few treatments and am now in a better understanding of how my past was holding me back, I’m sure you would be seeing my light being differently today… Again thanks so much. Love & Light

Margaret, yoga teacher/coach USA

The help, support and assistance I received from Kim was forever life changing, almost instantly (it was that quick). It was more than just a one hour healing that she does while you rest, it was also the part where she was there to talk to you, and help you sort it out, and give you the tools you need to move your life. Her kindness in her words, her encouraging advice and emails, helped so much.

I am forever grateful and forever changed, my life is moving forward now and I can never thank her enough. My healer who was also healed on her programs was so right to guide me to Kim.

Charlene, Alaska USA

Hi Kim.. I want to thank you so much for the amazing treatment and personal healing PATH consultation ‘Personal Light Check’ you gave me last week. You have such a unique product that is full of truth and integrity with the potential to create healing to such a large and deep scale in the world – fantastic!!

Susi Cohen aka author Susan Haywood ‘A guide for the advanced soul​'