Here are some of the comments people have made based upon REAL benefits they’ve experienced during Platinum Alchemy programs and sessions.


“When I first started to see Kim I was severely depressed suicidal and had no will to live in the physical world. Kim brought me alive giving me the tools and wisdom my soul had longed for. Through her remedies I was lifted out of the depression and into the light and for the first time in a long time I felt the will to live. I now had something to live for.

She taught me to Love and Honour myself and that I was a being of love and light and that I was here to shine onto the world these gifts. Through Kim’s teachings I was shown so many wonderful and ancient teachings which felt so real and powerful to me, Kim taught it all,  not just one aspect of wisdom but many all brought into one system. Some lessons were so powerful and opened up a lot of awareness in my consciousness which allowed me to integrate what I needed for my evolution and to just let all the rest of the knowledge sit within to be brought out when it is needed. I knew it was Truth as it just felt so perfect.” Alison Australia



“Kim (Ohlara) has excellent accuracy when channeling your soul blueprint and chakras, so she would be able to provide a high quality ‘snap shot’ at what you are working through right now.” Elissa,  Chakra & Energy Healer Alaska USA


“I am writing to you basically to thank you for what has been happening with our sessions.

I really dont know what it is that is happening but I just wanted you to know that I have just signed a contract with a new company here in Dubai and I have had a TREMENDOUS income rise from AUD 188,800.00 per year plus benefits (bonus, medical for the whole family, schooling fees for my son), to AUD 348,500.00 PER YEAR PLUS ALL THE BENEFITS MENTIONED AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WE ARE TALKING TAX FREE.

Hope that now that we have begun unblocking what was blocked our life will always be changing for the best and that I will be sending you a lot more emails about these changes. I would like once again to thank you for a job well done.”  CL,  Dubai



“I am very very thankful for all the guidance, love and advice from you I have seen a tremendous difference in all aspects of my life. I feel more calm more aware and my consciousness shift in to other levels. My dreams have changed and I can receive guidance.”

“I feel fear less and less, joy trust and faith is taking its place. Especially now that the healing is focusing on the lower levels of my awareness preparing me to let go of the old way of thinking.” Katia. Cyprus

“Hi Ohlara,  It is unbelievable what is happening with my family…..  It is as the attachment I had especially with my mother has gone,…. it is as if a huge cycle has ended and it is time for my family to continue on our own. … It is as if a veil was removed and I can see things that I could not in the past.  I am not even afraid of what is happening and mostly I do not have guilty feelings like other times.  I will always love them both but that’s it!!! Lots of love  Yvonni, Dubai”

“My whole-hearted thanks and appreciation goes to Kim ‘Ohlara’ for sharing her amazing healing powers with me, she is truly an incredible woman. I believe that my treatments with Kim have saved me from certain physical illness and have helped me to get my life back on track by helping me to deal with the events that led me to the lowest point of my life…..

After my first assessment we discovered that almost all of the energy points in my body had shut-down or were blocked and I felt like a walking “zombie”. I have been having regular treatments and look forward to each visit, the atmosphere is very peaceful and has allowed me to work through my energy blockages in a very nurturing and non-judgemental environment. Kim’s ability to read and channel energy from the angels still amazes me, I do not question this ability she has as I have experienced the wonderful and uplifting effects of it and recommend this treatment to anyone who feels they may need it. . Debra Newcastle

I knew I was in a special place I just felt so excited when going to class. Learning such beautiful parts of this Life & all things Metaphysical just helped me through my darkest days knowing its all in Love & that I am never alone even when it seems so. She taught me things only an Angel would know bringing me back to Love in all moments. Now I live in Love everyday of my Life.  I am filled with this Love in all moments of my life & can now let this love flow onto all other Human Beings. Kim reminded me who I am For this Kim I am eternally grateful Love & light  xx  Yours Truly Alison, Sydney


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