In the sauna last night. I enjoyed listening to an enlightening conversation of 2 men who were in there 40s to 50s, (it’s always hard to tell over 40), I did close my eyes and went within so I was not being a nosy body, but that seemed to make their words resonate even more. !!
They were expressing how their lives have changed in the past 2 years and how they didn’t feel blocked any more. They had taken on a gentle awareness and softness, listening to their inner voice more and following that, instead of shutting people out of their life.
They both commented on having lots more new male and female friends and in spite of all the darkness in the news and everything going on in the world they felt a sense of deeper peace running through them. They were not focused on the future but on the present and what joy they could share with others by being present.
My heart wanted to burst open for them with joy, but I was simply experiencing being a silent witness of their personal transformation, and enjoying taking on some of their wisdom for myself.
Now this is what I’m observing lately 
  • The Divine Feminine is now ‘beautifully’ anchored and making a huge impact on many awakening amazing men. Those awakened are becoming stronger in themselves. whilst embracing their divine feminine.
  • Using their divine masculine with their divine feminine they are finding a new level of empowerment, inner wisdom and balance for themselves which will be a major support to the world. Men have traditionally been the builders, women have traditionally been visionaries and carers.
  • This new sense of divine feminine empowerment also allows them not to be manipulated by women, which has been a common factor in the past. They simply don’t need to have sex with women to receive the divine feminine because they now have it activated and awakened in their DNA. They are holding an awakened balance of divine masculine and divine masculine within themselves.
  • I’m seeing this in clients, in my personal life, in friends lives and even reading how the male sex drive is changing. Recently I read, in men 40 years plus, 40% of men in long term relationships choose not to be actively engaged in sex, and this is becoming the norm, but people aren’t talking about it, so I thought I would.

This is awesome stuff guys – your huge awakened efforts are not going unnoticed.

So while this is happening, what is happening to women? I’m speaking from a heterosexual viewpoint here, I can only speak purely from my experience and observation – I do welcome other perspectives though.
Women carry deep genetic programing about the way they need to behave around men. Are womens behaviours changing too?
Have you noticed changes in your life?
I’d love to hear your thoughts around this.