How do you change your own DNA?

To change your DNA and trigger your crystalline transformation, for change to occur to your structure you need to change your emotions. To do this you also need to change your thoughts because your thoughts and emotions change your biochemistry and your brain chemistry.

What may follow will mean headaches and nausea as the fears and transformation occurs. I remember often coming home from my clinic in Terrigal during 2000- 2002 with the most amazing headaches, I’ had to pull over the side of the road to throw up. I do remember this and it wasn’t fun but it does pass.

As your changes occur, you will experience dizziness, feelings of spinning and loss of emotional centering. During your cellular transformation, your body is in a constant flow of discarding proteins and structures.

Your cerebrospinal fluid is being filled with discarded mineral deposits. You are literally sloughing off your body and you are rebuilding it. The changes can be very intense and will be very challenging to you during the sloughing off process. You are your own genetic engineer of the new world species.

If you intend to be willing and ready, you must rearrange and rebuild your own DNA. You live in your body and you change it while you’re living in it.

My Personal Experiences (pre 2005)

Over the past 11 years I have personally experienced many of the DNA ascension symptoms written about by many channels. As well I have treated myself through natural healing methods and I have assisted many clients who have come for healing in my natural therapy practice and health spa using the Platinum Alchemy Healing system developed for this purpose and spiritual and biological ascension..

Just recently I experienced a 3 day period where I was not able to do much due to the heat of my Kundalini energy pulsing through my body; my mind was very cloudy for 2 full days.

My meditations were full of color and I was releasing many old energies and memory patterns which were ready to leave my body.

As I was releasing these energies feelings of sadness and confusion surrounded me, along with fear and anger, I was releasing emotion and felt I had no control of my energy. In this instance I used The Platinum Alchemy Tranquility remedies for protection, anger and rage, a long steam room session, sauna session and short but deep periods of rest and meditation to quickly clear the energies. I was also supported by the Platinum Angel Absynthian who works with the Violet, Magenta and other colored rays to protect, calm and hold the energy bodies in place as the Platinum remedies and light were clearing my fields. This clearing was very quick and I’m now back on track with full energy and vigor.

This recent experience reminded me of other changes which I have experienced over the past 11 years which relate to my DNA transforming into crystalline to hold higher frequencies of light. After meeting and listening to many people over the last couple of months I feel that it is now time to share these experiences with you, even though they have been very personal to me, I hope that some of you may be able to relate to this material to understand what is happening to you.

Aches, Pains, Hot flushes, Emotional Turmoil

As the body transforms into crystalline body aches and pains are common place, these in my experience have ranged from sharp stabbing and grabbing pains to feeling as though an organ was being pulled and twisted like a cramp in an organ. This was very scary when it happened, I remember going through several periods of this deep intense pain.

The very first time I remember agonizing pain is when I attended a 10 day meditation retreat in 1994 (At this retreat I was in meditation for 10 full days and did not make eye contact or speak to anyone until the end of the retreat). After the retreat my heart was so open that I just wanted to kiss the earth, snuggle up with a tree, love everyone and everything, I was in love with the ants, each blade of grass. I saw the light in everything and was on top of the world. Then intense bursts of pain came and went for 2 weeks. This was very frightening because I thought my body was seriously ill. Later I learnt that because my energy field and heart chakra was so open as I integrated myself back into my normal life the pain was caused by the shutting down of energies in my system plus the intense fear I was experiencing.

From 1999 to 2002 my digestive system was undergoing crystalline transformation. I only had to move suddenly or bend over and there it was, this pain, taking my breath away once again. Each time it happened I was in fear of something major being wrong with me, I observed the frequency and the foods I ate but this had no special bearing. I learnt to be gentle on myself, relax and breath into the pain until it subsided I found that it helped if I went on short detoxification diets for 10 to 15 days at time to cleanse my organs and I also used the Platinum Alchemy remedies to support my emotions, body, mind and spirit which I was feeling at that time.

Other areas I have experienced are pains is in my chest, a movement feeling which flows through channels on either side of my chest. It’s as though something wants to move out from my chest. This was over the same period of time when my digestive system was undergoing change, I sensed this as an opening up of my heart chakra and used the Platinum Alchemy Sensual Self Love and Earth Spirit remedies to support my body, emotions, and mind release and transform as this occurred, plus learnt to be more patient and loving with myself and the changes my body was undergoing.

I also have had times where my body temperature felt so high, I’d take my temperature and it was actually normal. My internal heat, kundalini was moving and clearing energies at a rapid pace that my whole body experienced intense heat for days at a time. Also during these times I felt lumps and bumps all over my body like my lymphatic system had a severe disease. I remember lying in bed feeling all my glands and lymph nodes up. Then within a few days all lumps would disappear and I would be full of vigor and vital energy.

I have used my connections with the ascended masters, platinum angels and ancient earth mother to guide me through this process one step at a time. This is why it is very important for people to learn to connect with their own inner wisdom at this time because this is how you will learn to transform into crystalline with much more ease.


Fears create blockages (frozen energy) in your cells, which are reflected through every part of your physical body and energy system. They are simply unconscious unresolved feelings, memories, or thoughts all rolled together. Once they become conscious you can begin to integrate this frozen energy fear, back into your subtle energy system. Once this is achieved it will create more available light and consciousness for you to fuel your body’s transformation to become crystalline.

“I can tell you now dear ones your fears do not help, they only block out the light of your truth and soul, making your journey harder to see the truth of your soul. There is so much help at hand, and all you need to do is ask for help, let go of control and hand over to your soul who knows exactly what you need.

You will be miraculously surprised what happens when you do this, most often more that you could ever wish for will come your way as sources angels know what your real needs are to manifest heaven on earth.” earth mother Mutuhu

Some questions you can ask yourself in meditation to find physical emotional and mental relief?

  • What is my deepest fear?
  • Are any body changes I’m experiencing associated with my fears, pictures or images I have created for myself?
  • If so, what are they?
  • What do I need to learn from them?
  • How are others in your environment mirroring your fears back to you?

(This means how are others acting towards you, or around you? are they in a space from the heart do they show you love and compassion or are they in fear anger rage etc. this is an indication of how you are feeling deep within. Those around you are your brothers and sisters mirroring the way.)

Ask about one fear at a time if there are many and work to understand yourself and resolve each one in your daily meditation as they continue to come to the surface.

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Kim is a medicine women, visionary, clairvoyant and healer with the ability to give ‘Vision to Life’. She shares her inner knowing with her clients and students who are seeking healing, awakening and enlightenment. Working with her gift of ‘Owl Medicine’ Kim helps people reach their full soul potential in healing, health, ascension, love, career, or karmic evolution.

From a near death experience in 1980 Kim met 12 light beings, which guided and directed her healing, spiritual awakening and the study of many healing modalities including geology. During her studies in geology the light beings returned and activated her to ground the information about a new crystalline healing system which they said was to support the evolution and ascension of humankind and our return to light. In 1998 this was coined Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing, ‘the return of consciousness to love’.

Kim’s life work has been to develop Platinum Alchemy and share it. For over 20 years Kim has developed, taught and helped many clients with Platinum Alchemy in Australia and throughout the world.

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