Platinum Alchemy Homecare

Platinum Alchemy Home Care Kits

Platinum Alchemy HomeCare Kits have been developed from over 20 years of spiritual based psychotherapy and naturopathy clinical practice. Working with 1000’s of sessions and clients to clear energies preventing them from connecting to true source light.

If you are in a physical body you have been affected by fantasy, illusion, schisms, and archetypal patterns unconsciously running in the genetic record and DNA to prevent full source light conscious connection.

Platinum Alchemy is a true evolutionary ascension healing system which works rapidly to clear your energy, and allow you to rapidly bring greater consciousness of who you really are so and how your world has or is affecting you.

Once you have been awakened you will move forward rapidly, Platinum Alchemy Homecare kits help your to create loving self care rituals in your life. Self care is a giant step for the western world to slow down and see what is really happening on the earth Mother.

There are 12 kits and each kit works on all levels of your being to help you find balance within.

Platinum Alchemy Kits are Alchemically prepared and each ingredient has been wildcrafted from the Australian Bush or sourced from simple organic raw ingredients.

Each kit comes complete with 11 products which work synergistically through all levels of awareness and through the chakra system.

To choose a kit you can simply look at the 12 images below and select the one you are drawn to….  take a look and see how if feels for you.

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