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    “Help” I’m Transforming – DNA Body Changes 1.

    I found this article in my writing archives this morning, for good reason I think. While as a healer working on my own ascension since 1991,ย there is a lot of info that I am feeling the need to share again because so many more people are going through these experiences. Ascension symptoms are really scary, scary enough to send you running to a hospital thinking you have something frightfully wrong.   These posts are documented of my own personal journey, I hope they will help you to understand that you are not dying, only transforming. Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing (PATH) system has been developed to address the biological ascension symptoms…

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    Platinum Ray Equinox Alignment Retreat Day

    Platinum Ray Activation Day 1. Date: Sunday, 19th March 2017 You will receive your Golden Solar Angelic sound|light codes and name Cosmic Soul sound | light codes and name Elemental Earth sound | light codes and names Platinum Ray Activation Personal Platinum Ray Mudra. Personal light frequency before and after the event Worksheets to record your experiences Open to prepare to channel your soul light in this Highly powered crystalline charged day as you rapidly increase your personal frequency. The Platinum Elohim Light beings indicated to me last year that to move into the photon band more comfortably and be grounded on the earth mother, who is ascending to starship…

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