Detoxification is the buzzword on most people’s lips this time of year, and it often flows in and of out our minds. Many of us may have indulged a little over the holiday season, simply relaxed and let our hair down. This might have left you feeling a little bit heavy on all levels of your being, especially energetically, By energetically I mean, dark heavy emotions, and feeling like there is something attached to you like glue. Clouded thoughts and even headaches, this will leave you feeling debilitated and exhausted. Definitely not the place to be at the beginning of a year.

Planetary Energies

We can add these to the equation, the planetary eclipses, and energy cycles of our own personal natural ascending evolution. Depending on what’s happening in your own personal chart, you may have hit a level of awareness and realization, that what you have been doing is no longer working for you, so what’s next?

You may have hit a level of awareness and realization that what you have been doing is no longer working for you, so what’s next?

This year the messages I’ve been receiving are loud and clear, and they are to put all the practices you know to work, ground them fully, and find ways to ground them that are simple and actionable.

Get your magickal tools out from under the bed, off a bookshelf or out of a cupboard. You DO know what I’m talking about!  It’s time to use what you know and share it with others.

What I do to help my clients

I help both women and men, new thought leaders, in business, who are ready to move into the greatest version of themselves and ascend into luminary leaders. They are ready to rapidly expand themselves and their luminary message in the world. I support them to clear the archetypes and unseen energies, ancestral genetics & DNA blocking their lifeforce, the really unconscious stuff that no-one can even see, but they do feel.

They might have the most amazing message to share, but they simply cannot get traction into their ascension because they cannot see what is in the way and their frequency is too low. My Platinum Alchemy programs create massive personal energy expansion for them, so they can simply move away from the old and ascend into their greatest potential. My programs support deeper soul communion and full soul grounding of their light to help others.

From working this way with my clients’ and leaders ascending into their light, I’ve created and developed very specialized ways of energetic detoxification which are simple, nourishing and deeply nurturing rituals.

Crystal Detox™

Is my most popular way of energetic detoxification, clearing the way so you can consciously continue to move forward. It also combats the effects of pollution, electromagnetic pollution, radiation, solar flares, drug residual and so much more.

Many people know this product as zeolite. It has been used for many years to mop up pollution of nuclear waste and so much more.

Purebalance® Crystal Detox is my magick energetic shift cure-all, which I have used for 19 years, I first learned about it in 1995, whilst studying Geology for a time. Purebalance® Crystal Detox™ is not just zeolite. Zeolite is comprised of over 200 minerals and some of them are actually toxic.

Purebalance® Crystal Detox™ is pure clinoptilolite and a few other minerals which rapidly clear your subtle energy bodies, your aura, and chakras so you can make the most rapid advancement with your spiritual, mind-body healing work to ascend and more fully embody yoru soul .

When your energy is congested this is similar..

When your energy is congested with STUFF that’s often not yours I often tell people it’s like when your swimming pool has turned green, because it was overtaken by bacteria and algae. Your energy body does the same thing if you do not know how to manage your personal energy field, clear your chakras, and aura. The exact same thing happens with low-frequency energies that jump from people that have been around you.

Energy is nature and nature is always striving to reach its next level of evolution. This is a simple law of nature. 16/1/19

No matter what your personal frequency is, energy naturally, always looks for the highest frequency to attach itself because is wants to naturally keep evolving. Energy is nature and nature is always striving to reach its next level of evolution. This is a simple law of nature.

When energy becomes stagnant it is like a bog and won’t move, then bacteria and algae will naturally live on and in it, bacteria and algae will create the movement that is required for the energy to shift itself.

So for these simple natural reasons we use Purebalance® Crystal Detox™, which acts like chlorine in a pool and clears it rapidly. When you use Crystal Detox™ it in a stagnant energy field, it creates an an alkaline effect and clears any low frequency energies from attaching themselves to you, this includes bacteria.

Fear is the glue

As we are all naturally evolving there are times we feel fear arising and can become frozen in fear – fear will stop your energy flow in its tracks, and even cause a massive drop your personal vibe – so my simple method to release fear, is to take a bath daily with Purebalance® Crystal Detox™ until your energy shifts – and believe me! it most definitely will.

Aside from energetic clearing for personal evolution Purebalance® Crystal Detox™ has so many more uses. I’d love to share more with you in my next training.

If you’d love to learn more about how Purebalance® CrystalDetox™ can alkalize your body for health, remove heavy metals and work on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, you can sign up at this link for all the updates on my next training programs.

Purebalance® Crystal Detox™ is my secret to keeping a clear energy system as we are ascending, and rapidly increasing our personal frequency.