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    August – Platinum Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – AWAKENING

    The Alchemy of Awakening Free yourself from old attachments, energies and entities as your DNA and cells are cleared and purified with the Platinum Ray, Crystal bowl sounds, Light Language of the Platinum Angels in my next sound healing event. Our focus: Entering the Awakening Platinum Ray Healing Temple for deep cellular rejuvenation and healing, shifting your personal light frequency beyond limitations and annoying old attachments. Simply allow yourself to rest and receive the healing energies of the Platinum Angels and Light beings from source. Your temple journey experience is always relevant for you at this time in your life. As there is an abundance of love and healing energies available…

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    The first 8 of the triple 8 Gateway 8th August 2015

      Through Ohlara Channel-Healer of the Platinum Elohim 7th August 2015 Gateway is used synonymous with an opening. In this case we are referring to the opening of galactic and cosmic energies, which have the ability to transform humanity’s consciousness referred to as. The Lions gate, triple 8 gateway. The number 8 is metaphysically known as the number of balance and strength, as above so is below, one complete circle above and one complete circle below creates pure balance and the strength of forces both light and dark to become balanced at an auspicious time. Turn the eight on its side and we have the lemniscate ‘infinity’ symbol. Just knowing this…

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