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    An Easter Gift for you

    Angelic Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation Easter Blessings to you from the Platinum Angels and Divine Feminine Earth Mother About Angelic Platinum Alchemy Key words: Shock, rescue, Crisis, Birth, Abandonment The gift of Angelic support is with you today In your time of need you are supported by 100,000 Platinum Angels who know who you truly are and what you need most at this time. Know that we are here guiding your every need. Just call on us or imagine the golden glow of love from source all around you and we will be with you always. We are waiting to hear your prayers. Channelling through Ohlara Amohba Taja – Kim…

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    August – Platinum Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – AWAKENING

    The Alchemy of Awakening Free yourself from old attachments, energies and entities as your DNA and cells are cleared and purified with the Platinum Ray, Crystal bowl sounds, Light Language of the Platinum Angels in my next sound healing event. Our focus: Entering the Awakening Platinum Ray Healing Temple for deep cellular rejuvenation and healing, shifting your personal light frequency beyond limitations and annoying old attachments. Simply allow yourself to rest and receive the healing energies of the Platinum Angels and Light beings from source. Your temple journey experience is always relevant for you at this time in your life. As there is an abundance of love and healing energies available…

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    FREQUENCY SHIFT SOUL RETREAT September 25th-27th 2015

    Are you ready to connect to the light of your ‘ Soul’ where all things are known and understood Your Soul knows everything about you. Isn’t it time you did too!! Learn how to be a master & fully Embody your Soul’s Light Over 2.5 Nurturing Days and Nights Your Time Out Will Create Time and Space to Shift Realities, Clear Old Programs and Create the New You YES, its your time to shine Join Ohlara and tap into your creator soul self where you receive your unique path to enlightenment and life purpose.  Your soul will be touched by light and transformed forever with the nurturing and healing techniques of the Platinum…

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    July – Platinum Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

    Tranquility Alchemy = Protection as you are awakened to the karma which is clearing from your soul memory. Show Map @ Heart of the Universe 221 Wattle Tree Road, Holgate, New South Wales 2250 The energies have been INTENSE these past weeks, there has been a lot of releasing on many levels. I’d love you to join me in the Platinum Ray ‘Tranquility’ Lemurian Temple to support deep cellular clearing and DNA clearing to support deeper infusion of your soul’s light. During the rapid influx of energies many are being hit with little time bombs exploding within. No matter whether you feel it physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually it is actually…

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