Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

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….to help you help yourself….

Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night.

Feel tired after waking in the morning, this is called the triad sleep pattern and your body is adjusting to the new frequencies that you are receiving. Sometimes you wake up then go back to sleep 2 or 3 times before you get up.

Our sleep patterns are changing and are greatly affected by the incoming energies from the great central sun as well as general increases in your energy system.

What to do…

Relax into the process and do not fret about changing sleep patterns, my Platinum Alchemy Goddess Tea is great for sleep as well as balancing and energising and balancing your hormones, it was made for this. The tea makes you very relaxed and is also good to help you deal with addictions triggered by stress.

Need Help Sleeping:

Drink a strong cup of Platinum Alchemy Goddess Tea 30 minutes before bed to help relax and drift off to sleep. Go to bed early as the most restful sleep occurs before midnight. This will help your body rejuvenate.

If you wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep this shows one of 3 things

  1. Your mind is way over active; use one of my Crystal Detox Baths before bed to assist clearing all your energy bodies. These greatly help detox all levels of your body physical, emotional, mental and spiritual from heavy metals, radiation, and lymphatic congestion to emotions and mental worry OR,
  2. Your body is experiencing toxicity (click on the meridian time chart below to learn what area of your body needs some help), if your body needs help, it is best to return to your detoxification diet for a 10 day stint, and try staying fullyraw, use my Platinum Alchemy herbal tonics or my Platinum Alchemy Herbal teas designed to support the body as it is transforming OR,MeridianTimetable
  3. You are receiving downloads or messages from your guides or Golden Solar Angel Self, so pay attention to what you were thinking or feeling when you woke up. It’s common to receive information early hours of the morning as you are at your stillest and your Golden Solar Angel Self knows you will pay attention. I always get my big downloads between 3am and 7am.


Can’t get back to sleep

Meditate and allow yourself to go deep into relaxation, stay there and you will most likely drift off to sleep. One hour of meditation is equal to 2 hours of sleep. So if you meditate for 4 hours you will have 8 hours of restful rejuvenating sleep.

Hot Feet

Toxins are trying to get out of your body as your cells continue to transform into a crystalline state, give yourself a Crystal Detox Foot Bath before bed, this will draw toxins from your feet.  Sleep with your feet raised to help drain any fluid build up from your day.

Most of all be gentle on yourself, transformation is a difficult process.

Enjoy your self care time


‘Ohlara’ Kim